Without Xepher, the Tigers make it to the ESL One Birmingham Qualification

It seems Tigers is currently in positive terms. After confirming a place in the MDL Disneyland Major qualification, this time Dendi and friends successfully qualified for the ESL One Birmingham 2019 qualifiers.

The Tigers journey to the final is quite interesting because they beat their opponents who had to be defeated in various previous tournaments.

In the early rounds, they successfully beat PG.BarracX who previously beat them in the open qualifiers for the MDL Disneyland Major.

They also beat other Indonesian teams namely EVOS Esports in the top 16 and beat Flower Gaming in the top 8. In the deciding round, they fought DeToNator.

The record against the team is not good considering that in the last two meetings, namely the StarLadder Minor and BTS Spring Cup qualifiers, both experienced defeats.

Tigers immediately played dominantly from the start by utilizing combos disable from Leshrac and Vengeful Spirit. Even in the 16th minute, they managed to destroy one barrack set.

It only took 21 minutes for Tigers to be able to end the first game after DTN could not withstand the onslaught of the Tigers players.

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The second game was strictly a trade-off kill which has happened a lot since the beginning mid game.

However, DTN more controlled the game after winning team fight which made the Tigers lose 3 heroes and without buy-back.

The Tigers have already lost two barrack set at minute 25. Even so, they repeatedly managed to hold back push of the DTN that made networth not far apart.

However, DTN finally succeeded in taking the second game after 50 minutes base from the Tigers who were finally destroyed.

The third game was again tight from the start like the second game. But the success of the Tigers in winning the Aegis and being able to kill four heroes made the game direct towards the Tigers.

The warlord’s troll that could no longer be resisted made them easily destroy everything barrack set. DTN finally typed GG in 35 minutes

Unfortunately, the Tigers’ escape this time raised a few questions in the absence of Xepher during the ESL One Birmingham open qualifier. His position at that time was replaced by Raven, former player TNC Predator.

Source: Instagram Xepher (@kennyxepher)

But it didn’t take long through his personal Instagram, he gave story that he had just been discharged from the hospital and still needed time off.

Interestingly, there are no teams Dota 2 Indonesia who made it to the next round. Almost all teams had to fall in the top 32 and EVOS became the last Indonesian team to fall in the last 16.

Qualifications for ESL One Birmingham regional SEA will be held April 10-12. There is only one team that has the right to qualify for the next round.

Editor: Yubian Asfar