WOG Leaks the Names of the Talents Who Will Be Present at the Anubis Battleground Event

Only one day left for the Overwatch Anubis Battleground tournament organized by World Of Gaming and also Acer Predator. 2 days before the event started unexpectedly and suddenly, the World Of Gaming Facebook Fanpage gave the names of the Caster and Talent who will be the guides in the tournament’s livestream later.

Judging from the poster, there are some familiar faces, haven’t been seen for a long time and new faces. Maybe we can break down from the far left:

Suu Kirisaki

Maybe gamers are hearing his nickname for the first time. However, Believe or not believe, it turns out that this girl with the real name Vienna has been in the gaming and eSports world for a long time. She also likes to appear in several livestream media and also in the world of cosplay.


If you look at the nick, of course we have never heard of a Shoutcaster with that nick. But if you look at the photos, he is none other than one of the old DOTA 2 casters, namely Bellyto or Belelelelel. Not long after hearing his name, since at the end of 2016 in the caster world, it looks like he will reappear to the world of Shoutcasting with his initial debut this year at the Anubis Battleground event.


Maybe the name and photo are very familiar, huh. 8Ken is one of the League Of Legends Indonesian casters who often appears in several official Garena Indonesia tournaments. But besides being a LoL Shoutcaster, 8Ken is also a frequent Shoutcaster of FPS games like CS: GO.


Not much different from the previous one, maybe some gamers often hear the name Rina from LoL Indonesia. He is a livestreamer who often appears on YouTube with his favorite game, LoL. But it turns out that he also has an interest in Overwatch and makes him join the Broadcasting Team Anubis Battleground.


This name is familiar to gamers and cosplayers. Momochan also often appears at several gamers and cosplay events. In addition, he is also a Team Manager for one of the best Overwatch teams in Indonesia, namely 4K Gaming. But lately he is often and often seen as a Co-Caster on several well-known livestream channels. Is this a new career that is being pursued by a MomoChan ???

That’s all the latest information about Anubis Battleground, you can see their commentary performance on the 8th and 9th on the ACER Indonesia YouTube Channel. For those of you who are happy and like to play Overwatch, you can also come to Anubis Battleground at the ACER Predator Store located in Mangga Dua Mall. And you can also register your Overwatch team at http://bit.ly/predatorabg

This event is organized by World Of Gaming and sponsored by ACER Indonesia. For more information about this event, you can directly stalk the World Of Gaming fanpage here.