Wow! DDS eSports Will Fly to Malaysia!

The CS: GO team from Indonesia DDS eSports has secured the LAN spot qualifier B5 Battle Arena which will be held at Orange Stadium Malaysia.

LAN qualifier B5 Battle Arena, which will be competed in neighboring Malaysia, took 8 teams from online and offline qualifiers. DDS Successfully defeated 51 teams registered online in the qualifying round of the B5 Battle Arena, they are among the 4 teams that qualified for the LAN qualifier and will compete in Malaysia on 8 July 2017. The 4 teams that have passed the online qualifier are NaCl, Exodus Striatus, Orange eSports, and DDS eSports.

Meanwhile, 4 more teams who will join the top 4 teams from the new online qualifier will make preliminaries on July 1.

The following is the line-up of the core team from DDS eSports, namely Darayu Delta Squad:
1. Yoga “vostok” Dharmawan
2. Kevin “Eeyore” Gunawan
3. Adrian “AdrnJ” Setiawan
4. Steven “M1xly”
5. Iqbal “Kyloo” Mauldhan
6. Eric “NiZ” FahedVaza

DDS eSports is a new team that was founded in April this year, with their very strong lineup, They are also listed as the Top 9 CSGO teams in Indonesia based on the ranking made by CS: GO Indonesia seniors, Jimmy Lie.

DDS eSports itself was formed by PT Darayu Delta Sejahtera, which is engaged in the field mechanical electrical. This team is still under one year old, but DDS management has prepared five-star facilities for its players, such as a bootcamp, player contracts, and many other facilities like a large organization. In addition, they also have a second team roster, namely, Darayu Delta Series.

DDS Esports players bite the winning medal in the qualifying round of ROG Bandung.

A few days ago, they managed to bring home a prize of 5 million rupiah from the ROG Bandung Qualifier, and were entitled to advance to the ROG Main Event.

We just wish the best for DDS eSports to make Indonesia proud again in the eyes of Southeast Asian eSports!