Wukong Free Fire (FF) Characters: Skills, Tips and How to Play!

In this Free Fire game, each character has a variety of different skills and abilities. This is because you can also try and adjust it to the way you play later when fighting with the enemy. This is the character of FF Wukong, the monkey king tricking his opponent!

Adjusting the skills and abilities of these characters is quite mandatory, this is because you can use character skills and abilities to fight enemies or yourself.

On this occasion we will conduct a review on one of the characters in Free Fire. The character is Wukong the monkey king.

Wukong should not be underestimated in terms of fighting. This wukong is a character with a great ape body that holds a stick. Besides having the appearance of a primate animal, the uniqueness of this character is that it is able to outwit enemies.

This character has a skill called Camouflage which can turn it into a bush so that it can disguise itself.

With this unique ability, Wukong can be a reliable observer and can attack enemies who pass by suddenly. Unfortunately, Wukong’s abilities in Free Fire can only be a bush, unlike in the film, which can summon flying clouds.

There is a lot of potential that can be explored by Wukong. He can be a flanker, a scout, and even an anchor. Everything depends on the skill of the player because Wukong is one of the characters who really depends on the creativity of the user.

Wukong Free Fire (FF) Character Review

Wukong is a great ape man equipped with a stick. Its form is in the form of an animal and its skills can change into anything. Wukong’s Free Fire (FF) character is equipped with a camouflage ability that turns into a bush

In using Wukong’s ability, there is a cooldown so he can use his ability. When you are using your Camouflage ability, abilities such as shooting temporarily cannot be used.

But you can still move and find a suitable position in stalking the enemy. When you are a Bush – Bush, you will be given 14 seconds to camouflage.

If you want to change back to normal, you can still press the special button. You can do surprise attacks by using Wukong’s abilities. Wukong is suitable for playing in solo or squad mode.

Your opponent’s nightmare is passing through the bush which is actually Wukong using a shotgun. Wukong free fire is a very fun character and can be used for those of you who want to have fun. But make no mistake because he is also suitable for use in competitive if he really plays.

For those of you who want to play fun or tryhard, you can use Wukong. It only remains how you play, which will determine the Wukong game itself in Free Fire.

Wukong Free Fire Skill

This Wukong ability will be used faster after the cooldown runs out. At level 1 the Cooldown Skill is 300 Seconds. At level 2 the cooldown decreases to 280 seconds and at level 3 the cooldown skill becomes 260 seconds.

The duration of this cooldown will be reduced again at level 4 to 240 seconds. At level 5 you will get a special wukong jacket. At level 6 the cooldown skill will be reduced again to 220 seconds.

At level 7 you will get a wukong banner and at level 8 the cooldown skill will be reduced to 200 seconds.


How to play Wukong and suitable Skill Combinations

Wukong’s ability is to turn into a bush and this is very useful for stalking enemies. But you will be given a usage time limit too, so you have to make the right decision. You can use both melee and ranged weapons for this character.

The skill combination that is suitable for Wukong is to combine the skills of the characters Kelly, Laura and Caroline. Kelly’s ability is to run quickly and make it easier for Wukong to find a position.

Laura’s ability is to provide a large additional accuracy so that she can easily finish off enemies. While Caroline with her ability will add movement speed when using a Shotgun.

Actually, Wukong is not only suitable as a long-range character because at close range, Wukong can often kill a lot. Use camouflage and invite your friends to lure your opponent who Wukong can use to carry out a pincher attack.

Wukong is a character who has simple skills, but is very creative in its implementation. Players who say Wukong is a bad character don’t know their highest potential because Wukong can be said to be a character that depends on the player’s skills.

The Strengths of the Wukong FF Character

  • Can be a reliable monitor
  • If you are an expert this character is very OP
  • Very creative
  • Has a very broad and high potential

Lack of Wukong FF characters

  • Camouflage skills are short-lived, and players need to be quick to make up their minds
  • It’s actually easy on the counter
  • For a skilled player, Wukong’s movements are easy to read
  • Not very consistent

Those are some of the reviews that we provide for now. This Wukong character is quite special and if you want to know, Wukong’s ability cannot be matched to other characters.

For those of you who really want to use Wukong or buy Wukong, remember that there are actually many characters that are somewhat better. But as a special character who has exciting skills, the main selling point is the Wukong character, which is fun to play. So just choose what you want.

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