Xcalibur and LeBronDota Officially Released from Roster B8 Esports

Dendi it seems serious about overhauling its esports organization, namely B8 Esports as a result of the successive defeats that B8 Esports has received so far. The 2 players released by B8 Esports are 1 player who just joined and also 1 player who has been present since the beginning of the formation of B8 Esports.

The 2 players are Steve “Xcalibur“Ye and Nicola”LeBronDotaPopovich. This information was obtained through the official B8 Esports group on VKontakte.

In the B8 Esports upload on VK, it was said that Xcalibur and LeBronDota had left the B8 Esports roster. The team with the 8 logo also did not forget to thank the two players for their dedication while wearing the B8 Esports uniform.

Xcalibur LeBronDota
Source: B8

Xcalibur joined B8 Esports on March 27, 2020. He replaced Alexander “pio65“Zalivako. While on the team, Xcalibur can only win one round out of 23 rounds.

Meanwhile, LeBronDota has been on the B8 list since the arrival of B8. With him, B8 Esports takes 5-6th place in the EGB Arena of Blood, 5-8th place on WeSave! Charity Play, eighth place in Epic Prime League Season 1 and stopping at 13-14 on WePlay! Liga 1 Pushka League 1.

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B8 Esports
Source: Dendi

Previously, Dendi said that he would restructure B8 Esports and consider evaluating the players and making roster changes.

With this decision, there are only 2 players left in B8 Esports, namely Dendi and also Ghostik which is still a part of B8 Esports. Hopefully Dendi can bring the players he needs and make B8 Esports compete in a competitive arena.