XCN and Recca Esports Qualified for the ESL Pro League SEA Season 8!

The good news comes from a competitive realm CS: GO Indonesia. The reason is, XCN and Recca Esports managed to become 2 of the 8 teams that will compete in the event ESL Pro League SEA Season 8.

For these 2 Indonesian teams, they entered this event in a different way, where Recca Esports won the open qualification # 2 after winning over BOOM ID with a score of 2-1. Meanwhile, XCN entered this event by being invited by ESL itself.

That way, here are 8 teams CS: GO The best SEA’s up for grabs slots as a representative from Asia:

Source: Liquidpedia

Thailand is the contributor to the team with 3 teams, namely Signature Gaming, Lucid Dream, and Beyond Esports. Followed by Indonesia with XCN and Recca Esports.

Singapore is represented BOOT.dream[S]tired, The Philippines and Malaysia are represented respectively TNC Pro Team and FrostFire.

They will compete on line at the date of 5 to 16 October 2018 to come. All matches will be played via the Bo3 format, and the grand final will use the Bo5 format.


The team that loses 2 matches will be eliminated as this tournament adopts the format Double Elimination Bracket.

The team that wins the entire tournament will advance to the next round, which will be met with the winners of the Chinese regional qualifiers.

The team that wins the match has the right to represent Asia in the event ESL Pro League Season 8 in Denmark, next December 2018.

Source: ESL

For XCN and Recca Esports, you can say that 2 of the 10 best teams in Indonesia today. However, some time ago, XCN just posted a fantastic achievement when it was entered into the 10 best Asian teams according to CSGO2ASIA.

Recca Esports | roseau, Sys, Frostmisty, Asteriskk. Source: IESPL.

Recca Esports is currently listed as the # 91 team in the world according to HLTV. Their last few games were their victories over BOOM ID 2-1 and a top advantage TNC.

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Meanwhile, Recca in the local realm, recorded second place in the IESPL TBOF Week 7 league, just below XCN who took first place.

XCN’s recent achievement itself is their victory over Capcorn 3-0 to grab slots at eXTREMESLAND Asia 2018. At the local level, XCN has the upper hand RRQ and Alter Ego at IESPL TBOF Week 4 and 6.

Source: XCN

This match will be broadcast live via the Twitch channel ESL_CSGO at the date of 5-October 16th to come.

Let’s hope that the two Indonesian teams can give their best results in order to make Indonesia proud at the international level. Excitement continues for XCN and Recca!

Edited by Yubian A. Huda