XCN Announces New Roster and Enter Drago Gaming Players !!

XCN known as one of the legendary Dota teams in Indonesia. Previously they decided to return to competitive Dota 2 with a unique roster. How could they not, when they debuted they included four foreign players and only one Indonesian player.

From left to right: Miggel.Z, Loyd, Godot, 2hoi, Splicko

As time goes by, the roster has undergone changes but is still filled with experienced foreign players like Darcy “Godot“Jose who was previously known as a player Absolute Legends, one of the teams that participated in The International 2012.

Likewise from local players who cannot be underestimated. One of the players is Chang “2ho“Tu Hai is known as a former player EVOS and also one of the best 5 supports in Indonesia.

Source: XCN Fanpage

During the 2018 Indonesia Games Championship, XCN appear very surprising where they managed to beat a famous Indonesian team like EVOS and The Prime NND. But unfortunately they have to settle for being ranked third after being defeated BOOM.ID in the lower bracket.

After the tournament was over their names disappeared in the Dota 2 competition in Indonesia. Approaching open qualifier The International 2018, XCN finally returned with leaving 2ho from the old roster and join the players Drago Gaming.

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Drago Gaming itself is one of the teams that also participated in IGC 2018 and contains Nicolas “Francoeur“Batara, a former player EVOS and BOOM.ID. At that time, Drago Gaming won fourth place in IGC 2018 and managed to beat the famous Indonesian Dota 2 team like EVOS and PG.Barracx.

Source: XCN Fanpage

Here’s a roster from XCN now :

  • Hendri “Icysnow
  • John “Dila!
  • Felix “Ifr1t
  • Nicolas “Francoeur“Batara
  • Chang “2ho“Tu Hai

Dayllen Effendi, assistant general manager of XCN state the reasons for recruiting Drago Gaming to join together XCN. “Drago Gaming most suitable for filling in our roster gaps where after IGC we experienced internal problems and made our previous Dota 2 team have to disband and leave 2ho“He said during an interview via Messenger.

This roster previously made his debut in the Indonesia Game Tour qualifier and won the IGT main event slot after defeating Alter Ego with a score of 2-1.

It’s interesting to see how XCN with his new roster, can he compete in competitive Dota 2 in Indonesia and the TI open qualifier which will soon take place.

Edited by Jabez Elijah