XCN Gaming Officially Appoints Listy Chan as Brand Ambassador

The latest news comes from XCN Gaming, which has just appointed Listy Chan as the team’s brand ambassador today (05/12). The cooperation between the two parties concerns the position of Listy who will represent the XCN team icon.

This source or information first came from the Instagram account of the General Manager of XCN Gaming, Erlangga Putra, who was seen holding an XCN jersey, at the Yamisok Arena in North Jakarta.

Erlangga Putra said that Listy Chan was very welcome by the XCN family. “Listy joins XCN as a brand ambassador and will introduce XCN as a widely recognized team. Because many people think XCN is a new team, even though we have been in the gaming and esports industry for 19 years,“He explained.

Listy Chan’s position itself has become a debate among netizens or the Mobile Legends community, to be precise after the personal case between Listy, Jessica Jane, and Ericko Lim.

Apart from the controversy Listy Chan is a talented player as well as a former EVOS Esports retainer in the Mobile Legends division: Bang Bang. The EVOS Ladies team name is indeed very strong when defended by Listy, even being able to win several titles such as the Female Gaming Mobile Legends Minor Series in 2019. Listy Chan also held the position as top global player Mobile Legends in Season 6.

Source: XCN Gaming

After leaving the EVOS team, Listy Chan was absent for several months until finally he was seen as a social brand ambassador for XCN Gaming. One thing that comes to mind is the presence of Listy as a brand ambassador, not a player, even though the player’s skills are quite good at playing Mobile Legends.

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With Listy Chan’s presence, there is no sign that the XCN Gaming team will present a women’s esports division. Will there be a women’s division with Listy’s presence or solely as a brand ambassador?

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