xiao8 Returning to the Competitive Scene With Big God’s Team!

2018 has just started and there are still many Dota Pro Circuit events to be held. One of the Dota 2 veterans from Region China has just announced that he will return to the competitive realm for next season, this player is the Director 8, or better known by the name xiao8.

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big god 2015
Big God DAC 2015 – Image Courtesy: gosugamers.net

He announced through his Weibo account that he, 3 other veteran players, and 1 new player would re-form the team Big God. The team was previously a team made by a group of players who have retired from the competitive arena such as xiao8, BurNIng, rOtk, LaNm. They then recruited iceice, xiao8 educated players who were still new at that time, but instead managed to win The International 2016 together Wings Gaming.

xiao8 big god
Image Courtesy: weibo.com/ccmxiao8

New Years, parents (xiao8) will return to make some contributions to Dota. With the desire to mentor a 3rd place player who is not a professional player (as was done for iceice), four other players have been selected. Big God 2.0 will be on-line soon.

xiao8 wants to do the same thing this year, but this time with a different roster. Some of the players who are rumored to be joining Big God 2.0 are xiao8, BurNIng, Ferrari_430, chisbug and 1 young player named Shen “Invincible“Chao.

Uniquely, this young player is rumored to have achieved 8K MMR within half a year since he started playing Dota 2. According to xiao8, the main reason he formed a team like this again was to train Invincible who was still new to the competitive arena.

newbee boss
Newbee.Boss – Image Courtesy: @wykrhm

Before this announcement was made, the players who would fill the Big God roster were currently inactive and only playing casually, although some of them still joined a team. For example xiao8 and Ferrari_430 who were previously in the team Newbee.Boss, a team that also consists of female professional players, Axx, and the owner Newbee alone, Zei9.

ig dac 2017
Invictus Gaming DAC 2017 – Image Courtesy: wanplus.com

Apart from that, BurNIng is also currently inactive on the team Invictus Gaming although previously won the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017, occupying 3-4 positions at the Kiev Major and 5-6 at The International 2017. Then the chisbug is also not active in the team. White Fries Gaming, the team founded by hyhy.

The roster who is rumored to be joining Big God are: