Yamisok Mobile Apps Will Make It Easier for Gamers to Compete and Socialize Through Smartphones

Since its presence in 2017, Yamisok has been a pioneer platform esports the first in Indonesia which has become a forum for students gamers to compete as well as try out the realm esports this continues to grow and come up with new innovations.

After presenting Yamisok 1.0 with a variety of updates as a whole, now Yamisok Mobile Apps will also be coming soon, which in essence will make it easy for gamers to access various information about favorite games, tournaments and event, as well as many other interesting features through platform Yamisok.

Yamisok Mobile Apps (Beta Version – red) is here as a brand-new solution and a form of commitment to building the platform esports which is able to accommodate all the needs of gamers and the community in the hand. In fact, as many as 80 percent of user in Yamisok access platform this on their cell phone.

Yamisok Mobile Apps

“Because 80% of user we access the Yamisok platform via mobile phone hers, so we will soon release Yamisok Mobile Apps (Beta Version – red) so that it will be easier for members to get information about esports, event, and the community, ”said Ng Donny, CEO of Yamisok Platform Indonesia, via a press release. “We have just released the Android version, which you can download from the Google Play Store. Meanwhile an iOS version is still being planned and will soon follow. But, para gamers still be able to access directly from the site. “

Not only pouring all the features from platform Yamisok, the Mobile Apps version also offers a variety of other conveniences designed according to the characteristics of smartphone users, so that the features will be guaranteed. gamer-friendly okay!

You can access the daily tournament feature (daily tournament), daily mission, and Cookies Challenge with just a touch of a finger. So, for example, you often participate in daily tournaments at Yamisok, you just need to log in via your cellphone and follow all the processes as if you were registering on the site.

Yamisok provides more than 100 tournaments every month from various genre game, starting from the game mobile such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, PUBG Mobile, Free Fire and PC games such as Dota 2, Point Blank, CS: GO, and other games.

After completing the tournament registration, you don’t need to be afraid of missing the match schedule anymore, because Yamisok Mobile Apps provides services Tournament Reminder. This feature will immediately alert you when your match schedule is taking place. It also includes a notification function that includes new tournament info, news esports most recently, gossip from the gamer community, even live chat with fellow Yamisok platform users.

“To make it more comfortable, make the whole member Yamisok, we provide a number of promotional features that allow active interaction between user Mobile Apps users, ”said Emir Ansori, as Head of Marketing at Yamisok Platform Indonesia. “Through features like Lucky draw and Market, you can redeem Cookies from every activity you have at Yamisok with various attractive prizes, starting from in-game items, gaming vouchergames, to motorbikes. ”In order to provide the best service, Emir added that they will always receive input and criticism from all over the world. user to platform Yamisok and its Mobile Apps, to then release the latest updates to further enhance the future. All input and suggestions can be emailed to [email protected]