ZEN League S1 Finals Begins Soon – The Last BnTeT Tournament With Recca

ZEN League Season 1 LAN Finals will start this weekend with the remaining 4 best teams from the qualifying round that have been held.

ZEN League this time it will be in the title ESL Australia’s Studio which has often held prestigious competitions in Australia

Previously, 8 teams had undergone qualification on line which are divided into two groups, namely, Asia which was topped by Recca Esports and MVP.PK with the same score, and also Australia which is topped by Team Immunity and was followed by Dark Sided.

4 teams that qualified for the final of the ZEN Esports Network League 2017.

This tournament will also be Hansel’s last tournament. “BnTeT“Ferdinand together Recca Esports because after this he will just focus on Tyloo his new team today.


BnTeT himself has joined together Tyloo for 3 months, however Tyloo still allow BnTeT completed several tournaments together Recca

BnTeT played alongside Tyloo in the 2017 Asia Minor Championship

So, we hope for the best Recca Esports in order to become the champion in this tournament!