Zippo Plays into Esports to Become Global Panda Sponsor

Zippo started his first journey into the realm of esports by becoming one of the sponsors for an esports organization from North America (NA), Panda Global.

This is the first match manufacturer to invest in the realm of esports. However, Panda Global itself has hooked up many big brands outside of esports to become their sponsors.

Last year, they introduced Funimation (an entertainment studio) and a Japanese technology giant, Toshiba, as their sponsor.

Previously, they had also made a deal with an auto insurance company called GEICO. announced-airasia/

Apart from 3 brand outside of esports, Panda Global has also proposed a number of big sponsors who are related to esports such as Meta Threads, HyperX, and Twitch.

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Panda Global, which has just been established since 2015, may not be familiar to Indonesian esports fans because they do compete in games that might be considered less popular here.

However, they actually have big names in a number of games such as Street Fighter V thanks to Seonwoo “Infiltration” Lee, Super Smash Bros. Melee thanks to Justin “Pulp” McGrath, and Hearthstone because Edwin “Hotmeowth” Cook.