Zotac Cup Masters Grand Final, Team NP vs Newbee Meet

Zotac Cup Master will soon start the peak of its show, their first season will bring together Team Np and Newbee at the Grand Final, the unique thing is that these two teams are both advancing to the Main Event through Direct Invite.

source, twitter @zotaccup

Both teams managed to beat their opponents in the Semifinals, Team NP managed to beat iG.Vitality quite smoothly, while on the other hand for Newbee who looked quite difficult to get his victory against Fnatic in the Semifinal. Especially in the first game, where Fnatic made a comeback well, but Newbee was still able to turn things around and win the match 2-1.

The two teams will battle for the title Zotac Cup Master season one with a grand prize of $ 50,000, while the runners up will take home a prize of $ 20,000.

The Zotac Cup Masters Grand Final match will begin this morning, June 3rd 2017, at 7:50 WIB to be precise. You can watch this exciting match on the Zotac official stream here.