Zowie Again Holds eXTREMESLAND 2017 With Prizes Worth 1.3 Billion

2nd edition of eXTREMESLAND LAN has been announced, which will return with a total prize of $ 100,000 USD or worth 1.3 billion rupiah, this prize will be won by 16 teams from the Asia and Oceania region.

Vici Gaming Wins eXTREMESLAND 2016

The announcement was delivered directly by Mr. Zhang Lewei, as Director of eXTREMESLAND last week in Shanghai, China which was also attended by their company relatives.

Mr. Zhang Lewei, Director of eXTREMESLAND

The event was also enlivened by Showmatch among the previous edition winners namely, Vici Gaming with a team from Indonesia who is on the rise Recca Esports, and games won by Recca with a score of 16-14

Recca Esports Against Vici Gaming

There are not many new things compared to last year’s eXTREMESLAND, such as the slot quota will be divided into 14 regions with 1 team each per region, except for the host China who gets 3 team slots.

Zowie opened 14 new divisions outside China

Here are the details of the tournament:

Grand Finals: 19–22 October 2017

The place: Shanghai, China

Prize Pool: US $ 100,000

Shared LAN Spots: